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Your baby’s first years are the most important in their lives – but you know that already.

And you also know that you must trust and have complete confidence in those caring for your child.

Chuckleberries care for your baby in a warm, loving, fun, and educational environment. We are dedicated to meeting your requirements, lend a helping hand with our guidance and expertise and above all promote positive child development.

While caring for your child with genuine love and affection, we also provide the appropriate stimulation and activities to encourage your child to happily
grow with confidence.

Our baby room staff are qualified carers – mature and experienced.

Many of them are mums themselves – which is a great comfort to first time parents. Sometimes it can be life experience that is the greatest teacher.



Around 12 months your child is normally on the move – slowly but surely. This is when they move into our Tweenies / Wobbler rooms.

Not only are they finding cute and new ways to express themselves but they are happy to ‘wobble’ along – curious to explore their world around them.

Each of our rooms is suitably equipped to provide an appropriate and stimulating environment that will meet the needs of the children.

This age group needs a world that will help: develop their gross motor skills (pulling, crawling, pushing toys), provide objects for exploring (banging, throwing, sorting and shaking), language skills (gestures, reading, conversations) and provide lots of encouragement towards independence (self-feeding, drinking).

Arts and crafts, singing and dancing, outdoor play etc, make even 1 day in our Tweeny / Wobbler room is a very busy day.



In the tweenie room the children start to gain new skills, develop their already existing skills and start to form personal preferences within their play.

At this age the children are encouraged to start making choices within the activities that they take part in throughout the day, this is in preparation for their transition to pre-school.

Parents are given personal handovers from staff about their child’s day.

The staff offer guidance and support on toilet training, which is a question that we often get asked.



From about 18 months our children join our Toddler group.

As your child grows – so too does their independence and spatial awareness.

All our rooms meets the social, physical, cognitive, language and self-help skills needs of their age group.

Our Toddlers may remain in this room until about 2 years of age – and we love to think of this time as the “Terrific Twos”.

Even if their favorite words can sometimes be ‘No’ and ‘Mine’, their personality, speech and knowledge is advancing so quickly it often takes us by surprise.

In this group the child becomes familiar for the first time with a routine but it has to be flexible.
Using themes, curriculum and appropriate room programs we expose the child to continuity and structure in their day.

The equipment in their rooms is age appropriate and allows the child to participate with Books, Creative Corners, Sand and Water, Games, Dress Up, Home Corner and much more.



 In Chuckleberries we recognize that children have to advance when they are ready – not just because it is the start of term time.

That is why all our children can progress into the next age appropriate room when they are ready – regardless of the time of year

Children learn so much through play. At playschool age their characters and traits are become more obvious and develop further.

By socializing and sharing in a fun environment children are learning some of the great foundations for later life. When children are involved in play they are trying to make sense of the world around them and their place in it.

For example when they are playing at role models (e.g. mammies and daddies) they move like them, sound like them and work like them.

This is how they learn about society and the interaction of people and places.

All our schools recognize cultural diversity as we know that we cannot separate the child from his or her own culture.

Our trained Playschool leaders use play to cover many different areas of learning including, Manipulative Play , Reading, Listening, Constructive Play, Arts & Crafts and Drama.

Our staff attend regular courses to keep them full of new ideas!



We honestly love what we do and are particularly passionate about our Montessori schools.
We believe our Montessori schools offer the highest standard of teaching.
All schools are Certified Montessori Schools with St. Nicholas Montessori Society.
Every teacher in every Montessori room is a qualified teacher.
Each child in our care will be nurtured and taught to meet their individual needs. They will learn at their own pace and will covers many areas of learning including:

  • Mathematics
  • Botany
  • Language
  • Science
  • Practical Life
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sensorial
  • Drama
  • Geography
  • Computers
  • History
  • Botany
  • Culture
  • Music


Most children will spend 1 year in Junior Class before progressing with their teacher to Senior Class. Freedom in the classroom to select and complete their own work encourages their self-confidence and self-worth. They are educated to respect and enjoy their world around them. We focus on learning that is fun while still developing their social skills, self-expression and self-esteem.

Since 1998 we have been meeting the needs of parents and children in the locality. Because of our proven ability we have successfully assisted and prepared many children to make the transition to ‘big’ school (i.e. the national school) – as many of them actually go to school with their local friends.

Our Montessori schools participate in the Government ECCE Scheme


School Age

Many of our afterschool children have been with us since they were babies.
Parents’ working lives has not have to change – because we are always here for school runs and all those unexpected days off school.

Out-of-school care must be fun, flexible but above all reliable.

You want a safe, well run but relaxed place for your child to play, have fun and to meet and spend time with other children.

In school the children have been in the student/teacher environment.
In Chuckleberries we work as friends with the children to help us provide them with their own unique space and place. And of course suitable toys, games and activities.

A large, fully equipped garden is essential, where all sorts of sports can be played and yet still time and room for some of our old traditional games like skipping and playing ball.

Throughout the year we involve the children in our decision making on selecting themes and activities.
We help develop positive character traits by encouraging them to demonstrate responsibility, honesty, respect, kindness and teamwork within their group.

Features of our service include:

No extra charge for full time care during school holidays

Full wrap-round care including breakfast – drop to school – pick up from school – dinner – homework – and above all lots of play and fun

About us

Chuckleberries is a group of privately owned nurseries - Tree Tops Day Nursery Ltd. & Woodstown Nursery & Montessori Ltd. Both were awarded the prestigious NCNA Centre of Excellence Award 2002-2004.




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